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Watch this free 6-part video series to learn more about what to expect in the full course...
FREE VIDEO #1 -  Overcoming the major points of resistance to non-monogamy.

FREE VIDEO #2 - The 'DO IT' system -- a guide to approaching an open relationship.

FREE VIDEO #3 - Thinking differently is hard, but it can be learned.
Design your own sex life!
A no-pressure way to explore the possibilities of an open relationship.

A case study -- this could be your amazing new life

The next steps -- more details on the OPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP course.

Super-Charge your Relationship
Our course covers everything you need to consider to make your journey into non-monogamy safe and successful. Watch the free videos above to determine if you like our approach. If you think you might be interested in taking the full course...

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Your Class Instructors
Kate & Liam
Creators of The Monogamish Marriage Podcast & Blog
Kate & Liam have been non-monogamous since the beginning of their relationship more than 10 years ago. In 2015 they started writing about their journey in an honest and entertaining manner that attracted a large following. 
You can write to Kate & Liam directly at
Registration for Kate & Liam's "Open Your Relationship" online course is coming soon. 
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